Timlin & Marshall Ltd understand from residential to commercial the exterior of any project is the first thing people or potential clients will see so we treat any exterior the same as an interior where others may not. Exterior preparation is just as important if not more so due to the constant battling with the elements. We cover all aspects of preparation to ensure a quality finish and more importantly one that will last.





Domestic or commercial people take a lot of pride on the exteriors of their properties. Timlin & Marshall Ltd decorating contractors realise how much our finishing touch matters. We always deliver the highest of finishes for an exterior to be proud of.



  • Masonry repairs

  • Timber treatment

  • Timber repairs

  • Glass replacement

  • Traditional methods

  • Spray methods

  • All masonry surfaces

  • All timber surfaces

  • All metal surfaces


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Exterior Decorating Evesham

Timlin & Marshall Ltd Decorating Contractors covering Evesham and surrounding areas provide an exterior service which covers all aspects of decoration ranging from brush and rolling to spraying all services. We also cover all exterior woodwork finishes.